Angel Albarran

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-Work in progress; coming soon!
"Fuck Mondays"
"The Thin White Irritated"
An Artist Collaboration with The Sikle
"James of a Muse" (Almost Lover Series)
"The Brave Michael"/ (Almost Lover Series)
It started as a magazine spread…… Now I think it’ll just be a poster?
Mary Poppins Poster
sTEAm (package Design); sTEAm uses steam power to harmoniously blend honey. The 200 year old technology gives the tea a tender flavor and gentle aroma. Indulge your senses with a quiet cup of STEAM. Savor the refreshing yet bold flavor of over 200 years’ tea expertise in every single cup.
Layout for an accordion fold mailer.
Sugnage System for a store within a store concept, “Express Eats”
Photo Transfer Experiment.